To register for any shadowing session, you MUST have attended a shadowing orientation. 

ONLY the members who have attended one of the shadowing orientations for the corresponding school year are eligible to register for the current school year. 

If you have not attended any shadowing orientation, please contact us.

ATTENTION: All submissions for the following week MUST be completed by Thursday 7PM!

(Ex: For Mon Nov 15 – Fri Nov 19, the deadline for registration is Thurs Nov 11 @ 7pm)

1) Select a location (Clinic Address) and a dentist (Type of Specialty)

NOTE: Make sure that the names of the dentists shown in the location section and the dentist section match with one another.

2) Select a date of the available dates displayed in the calendar

3) Select the start time that you are interested in (Ex: 9.00 AM)

NOTE: The time selected is the start time and an hour following the selected time is the end time (each shadowing session = 1 hour long). (Ex: If the selected time is 11:00 am, the start time is 11:00 am and the end time is 12:00 pm.)

4) Enter your first name (required), last name (required), McGill email address (required), and phone number (required).

NOTE: If a non-McGill email address is entered, you will NOT receive a confirmation email.

5) Enter any comment or question that you may have in the comment section

Once your request form has been submitted, you will receive a pending email from MPDSS, indicating that you have successfully submitted your request to shadow a dentist

Once your shadowing session has been approved by MPDSS, you will receive a conformation email from MPDSS.

If you do not receive the confirmation email within 96 hours, please email us directly at

NOTE: Make sure to check your junk folder for any pending or confirmation email!